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Rabbi Yosef Bitton

Rabbi Yosef Bitton, an admired and respected rabbi of many Jewish communities world wide, is currently the leading rabbi of the Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn, NY congregation Ohel David & Shlomo.

Rabbi Yosef Bitton has an extensive background in both religious and secular studies. He received his rabbinic ordination in 1985 from Israel’s Superior Rabbinate (Heichal Shelomo) and his ordination for Dayanut in 1998 from Rabbi Ovadia Yosef.

Rabbi Bitton studied at several well-respected universities including Yeshiva University in New York and Hebrew University in Jerusalem. He received a Bachelor of Arts degree from Bar Ilan University in Israel (Talmud, Hebrew language and Biblical studies), studied for his Master of Arts degree in Judeo-Spanish literature at Ben Gurion University, and in 2003 began his studies for a Ph.D at the Graduate Department of Religion in Emory University, Atlanta.

For over five years and until 1996 Rabbi Bitton served as the pulpit and the community rabbi of two large Sephardic congregations of over 1000 families in Buenos Aires, Argentina. While in Argentina he created and lead the project “Open Kashrut” with Rabbi Daniel Oppenheimer, making kosher food accessible to the entire Argentinean Jewish community. He was also the director of the Jewish day school, “Maimonides”, which served over 600 students (pre-K to 12). Thereafter, in 1994 he moved to Israel, taking with him 40 families from the Syrian congregation Agudat Dodim in Buenos Aires. After working for a few years in the Yeshiva Madait (Scientific Yeshiva) in Rishon LeTsion he accepted an offer to return to South America to serve as the Chief Rabbi of the Republic of Uruguay.

As Chief Rabbi of the Republic of Uruguay, Rabbi Bitton headed the local Bet Din and oversaw the areas of Kashrut, Mikvaot, Cemetery and Jewish Education of the Uruguayan Jewish community (25,000 members).

In 2004, Rabbi Bitton moved to New York where he led the Mashadi Jewish Community of Great Neck, a Persian congregation of more than a thousand families. He directed the Hebrew school, serving over 250 children attending public school. He also developed several community projects and created many workshops directed at audiences of various age groups and backgrounds.

Today, Rabbi Bitton leads the Manhattan Beach Ohel David & Shlomo  educating and assisting the growth of over 150 families.

Rabbi Bitton also authored the following books:

  • Awesome Creation: A Study of the first three verses of the Torah (2012).
  • Daily: Halakha of the Day to over 5000 readers world wide. The archives of the Halakha of the Day could be found at the Rabbi's Blog and at this web address:
  • Bereshit y Big Bang (Bereshit and the Big Bang), Rabinato Comunidad Israelita del Uruguay (2002)
  • Conversion al Judaismo (Conversion to Judaism), Rabinato Comunidad Israelita del Uruguay (2002)
  • Despues de la Vida (After Life: Laws and Traditions of Jewish Mourning), 3 editions 1994, 1998, 2000
  • Analisis Talmudico de la Cenicienta (Talmudic analysis of Cinderella) 1st Edition, 2000, Sephardic Educational Center. 2nd Edition (2001): Rabinato Comunidad Israelita del Uruguay

Rabbi Bitton is currently completing two books:

  • Sephardic Rabbis; and
  • The Female Brain vs. The Male Brain
Sat, November 17 2018 9 Kislev 5779