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About Us

Ohel David & Shlomo was founded originally in Brighton Beach, Brooklyn by Jewish families originating mostly from Turkey and the island of Rhodes. In 1962 Rabbi Eli Greenwald A"H, received the position of rabbi at Brighton Beach’s Ohel David & Shlomo; it was the first time that the synagogue had ever had a rabbi as its leader.

By the early 1980’s a new influx of young Sephardic families to the Manhattan Beach community had joined the older location and supplanted the existing traditions and customs. With the leadership of the community residents whose efforts were tireless, the building that now exists in Manhattan Beach was erected and opened in September 1997.

The composition of the membership is very unique, mainly Sephardic families with roots of heritage from: Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Israel, Iraq, and several other cultures, a mix that creates a proud mosaic of families.

The families responsible for the building of the synagogue are: Maurice Azizo a”h, Solomon Cohen, Ralph E. Dweck a”h, Eli Esses, Lou Franco, Felix Harari a”h, Nathan Hasson, Jack Laboz a”h, Victor Moche a”h, Alan Shamah, & Moise Zaytoune. All contributed enormously both physically and financially.

The building was endowed by Mr. & Mrs. Selim Halabi a”h of Montreal, who is the uncle of Nathan Hasson.

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